Standards and tests


Testing of product

Prepainted metals are widely used in many different applications and environments e.g. exterior and interior buildings, domestic appliances, furniture, etc.  These products are tested in accordance with the requirements of the product specification and particular market application.   

Over the years, a number of test methods have been developed to ensure that the material is fit for purpose for the desired application.  The relevant European standards (EN) are based on test methods developed by ECCA and are available from all European National Standardisation Institutes.

Some EN standards specify test methods that deal with parameters such as the thickness of paint layers (EN 13523-1) or the retention of gloss properties (EN 13523-2). Other EN standards deal with the mechanical properties such as bend tests (EN 13523-7) or pencil hardness test (EN 13523-4). Another important test relates to the chalking of the prepainted surface (EN 13523-14). 

In addition to the European Standards, some prepainted metal users e.g. appliance manufacturers, have established their own specific test methods dependent on the final use of the material. For example, some washing machines manufacturers are interested in the resistance of the painted surface against alkaline solutions. Refrigerators are tested for resistance against foodstuffs and beverages with aggressive properties e.g. ketchup or vinegar.

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