Coil coating line simulation


Coil coating line simulation

ECCA, working together with Innovaltec, and under the direction of several of the leading minds in coil coating, have developed a fully-functioning computational model which simulates the operation of a coil coating line.  The model works on a steady-state basis to calculate the impact of changes to the operation of the coil coating line.  The output gives not only overall cost, but also environmental impacts and breaks this down by process step.

The model uses Microsoft Excel as an operating platform and comes complete with a full instruction manual.  The model is simple to download and install and licenses can be purchased from ECCA at a cost of €2,000 for ECCA members and €3,500 for non-members.  We even offer a 20% reduction for multiple license purchases!  Please contact us for full details of how to access the model.

*NEW* on 29th April 2010, we ran a webinar "Coil coating simulation: an introduction" in which Peter Mitchell (who was instrumental in the development of this model) gave an excellent introduction to the coil coating line model. This webinar was recorded and the recording is available to download below. Also available to download is the slide-pack used in this webinar.

  Download the recording of the webinar (large file - 48MB)
  Download the presentation used in the webinar