Introduction roofing



Prepainted metal is increasingly being used in roofing and over-roofing applications for a number of reasons:

  • Lightweight, sustainable systems
  • High quality standards induced by industrialised production
  • Meet the highest building physics requirements imposed by new ecologically oriented regulations
  • Rapid construction
  • Competitive price

What is a prepainted metal roof

Prepainted metal is usually manufactured in aluminium or steel as panels, and fulfils both requirements to structural and architectural aspects. It can be coated in many different types and colours of paint and other coatings, making it as beautiful as it is durable. Modern metal roofing often carries a warranty of 30 years!

Traditional-standing seam metal roofs, usually seen in commercial applications, are examples of structural panels (see various examples of buildings from Northern and Eastern Europe).

Architectural panels, which can imitate aspect of tiles, shakes, shingles or slate when installed, have increased prepainted metal roofs use in the residential market. Several new types of seaming methods, styles and colours have been developed to offer a wide range of prices as well as aesthetic choices. Many styles and colours are available and adapted according to existing shingle colours. However, local building codes and neighbourhood interests should be addressed when considering prepainted metal roofing.