Building components

Whilst prepainted metal is widely used in roofing and cladding, there are a whole host of other components which make up a building, many of which benefit from the use of prepainted metal.  The benefits of using prepainted metal for these components are the same as for others, including

  • A high quality, uniform finish
  • A sustainable material choice
  • Excellent durability
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of manufacture

Where prepainted metal is used for roofing or cladding, the obvious choice to finish this off is to continue with the same material.  Prepainted metal can be formed into any number of shapes for flashings which finish off the main cladding systems, but it is also widely used for rainwater goods - gutters and downpipes.  In the case of gutters, a durable coating can be specified on the internal side to further enhance durability.  In both rainwater goods and in flashings, using the same coated product as the rest of the cladding or roofing ensures the same high level of durability and uniform weathering between components.  Meanwhile, even when prepainted metal has not been used for the main elements, it is often used for rainwater goods due to the high durability, dimensional tolerances and range of finishes available.

Apart from the finishing components for a building, prepainted metal is often used in other main components.  In particular, it is a particularly good choice for doors and shutters.  All types of doors make use of the benefits of prepainted metal to provide durability and long-term performance matched with cost-effectiveness.  Prepainted metal is increasingly used as a skin for composite personnel and house doors, benefitting from much better dimensional stability than alternatives.  It is also used widely for domestic garage doors, as well as in shutter doors used on industrial and warehouse buildings. 

Lightweight insulated shutter systems which use prepainted metal are widely used on both domestic and commercial properties.  The prepainted metal provides a high quality finish with a wide variety of appearances possible, from traditional to contemporary.

The examples shown here give some idea of the range of uses of prepainted metal in building components, but there are many more.  Wherever a coloured surface is required and wherever metal is required, prepainted metal can deliver the right component with the additional benefits of this advanced material choice.