Internal parts


Internal parts

Prepainted metal is used extensively for internal applications in buildings.  In many cases where prepainted metal is used for the external skin, the insulated wall and roof systems are finished internally with a bright white prepainted metal skin.  It is also often used as a lining material in its own right, for example in the lining of tunnels or for station or airport concourses.  Here, prepainted metal is used because it provides a cost-effective means of providing a high-quality smooth white surface which reflects light well to give excellent interior lighting conditions.

In most cases, internal environments are relatively benign and so a coating with minimal corrosion resistance is often sufficient.  However, it is always important to remember that building components can be subjected to outdoor exposure during the building phase, so some level of corrosion protection is often required for this.

Prepainted metal is widely used for ceiling system, both for suspension strips and for the tiles themselves.  Prepainted metal can give an exceptionally smooth, high-quality finish for ceiling systems and is especially favoured in clean environments.  Prepainted metal used in ceilings and for the inner leaf of walls is often perforated to allow sound to travel into dense insulation, providing a high level of sound deadening.

Wherever internal partitions are required, prepainted metal is the ideal material.  Cold stores or controlled environment rooms often used insulated sandwich panels suspended inside the main building.  In this case, prepainted metal is used for both skins of the panels with a highly insulating core sandwiched between.  These panels are designed with the minimum of detail to avoid places where dust and dirt can accumulate.  For smaller cool-rooms and walk-in fridges, prepainted metal is again used for both interior and exterior, with the smooth high-quality finish being easily cleaned.  Prepainted metal is also used for many other types of partitioning including in office partitioning, where the magnetic effect of prepainted steel can be put to good use, or in toilet cubicles, where again this proves to be a very hygeinic choice.

There are numerous other areas where prepainted metal is used on the interior of a building.  It is used extensively in light fittings and in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.  It is also widely used in shop fittings, for doors, lifts and cable ducting.  In fact, anywhere where a high-quality, smooth finish is required prepainted metal will provide a high-quality, cost effective and durable solution.