Prepainted metal is used for many parts of both cars and other forms of transport.  In addition to body parts, the high-quality prepainted finish is also useful in all sorts of components used in these vehicles.

In cars, prepainted metal is sometimes used as a base-coat for body panels, but it is also used in many components.  Some of the uses of prepainted metal in cars include doors, beams, oil filters, instrument dials, wind-screen wiper blades, corrosion prevention, trunk lids and oil sumps to name but a few.

Many caravans and recreational vehicles use prepainted metal as the main material for construction of the body.  In some cases, stripes and designs can be incoporated into the prepainted finish before fabrication, while the availability of modern colours is increasing the freedom of designers for these vehicles.

Prepainted metal is also used in all sorts of commercial vehicles including lorries, tankers, busses and trains.  In all of these cases, prepainted metal provides a cost-effective means of achieving a high quality and reproducible finish.