Prepainted vs. postpainted


Benefits of prepainted metal over postpainted

The benefits of using prepainted metal over post-painted metal are:

  • Economic – the use of prepainted metal enables manufacturers to increase profitability through improved process flows, waste reduction and the elimination of costly processing steps e.g. paint spraying.
  • Product performance – prepainted metals offer a range of high-quality surface finishes which are generally not available via post-painting.  These finishes, coupled with their in-service performance, means that prepainted metals offer designers and engineers a world-leading palette of materials.
  • Simplified manufacturing processes and regulatory compliance – the coil coating process is tightly controlled and operated to the highest European standards.  This means that fabricators do not need to do deal with costly batch and post-painting processes and their associated environmental impact and cost of compliance.
  • Sustainability – prepainted metals have a reduced impact across many impact categories including water consumption, terrestrial ecotoxicity, and global warming compared to post-painting.  This has been independently verified and further details can be found on the LCA page.