Our sustainability statement


Our environmental statement

ECCA and its members are committed to the principle of sustainability and consider the care and protection of the environment to be essential for the wellbeing of the industry, its customers and the wider community.

ECCA members:

  • recognise that they have a responsibility to their employees, shareholders, customers and local community to control and minimise the impact of their business activity on the environment
  • meet the requirements of all relevant legislation in all countries and regions in which they operate
  • improve the environmental performance of their processes by reducing energy use, emissions, and waste and through controlling noise and odour
  • have an open dialogue with all stakeholders on environmental issues

ECCA will:

  • cooperate with regulatory authorities at the European level in the development of sustainable best practice, legislation and related topics
  • communicate with its members on a regular basis with regard to proposed and new legislation and documentation from government and regulatory authorities
  • help its members understand the principles of sustainability and the environmental effects of their products and processes, by circulating appropriate information and promoting best practices
  • encourage its members to adopt recognized best practice in the management of environmental and health & safety issues
  • monitor progress of the coil coating industry against a series of sustainability-related Key Performance Indicators for benchmarking and communication purposes.