Sustainability benefits


Sustainability benefits of prepainted metal

During production

The coil coating of a flat metallic substrate such as zinc-coated steel or aluminium has a number of advantages over painting the finished articles (commonly known as “post-painting”). These include:

  • Wastage of the paint is virtually eliminated.
  • The consistent application process allows a reduced paint film thickness, so using less paint.
  • Paint drying and curing is carried out in a controlled way to dramatically cut emissions of harmful VOCs and to minimise overall energy consumption.

The environmental impact of the process has been quantified through an independently verified life cycle assessment and is shown to be lower than an equivalent post-painting process.

The prepainted product also allows fabricators and users of the product to eliminate cleaning, painting, and curing processes and so operate under simplified regulatory regimes.

Sustainable life span

The benefits of prepainted metal do not end with the manufacture of finished articles. The coated products generated through the coil coating process also possess significant benefits during its service life in the market application.

Close control over the coating operation results in a high quality, reproducible and reliable finish. A prepainted metal part, even with a reduced paint film thickness, will generally last longer than an equivalent part with a post-applied coating. Prepainted metal products for buildings operating in some of the harshest climates are guaranteed for up to 40 years, so re-painting is minimised and replacement cycles extended. 

Prepainted metal presents an efficient, effective and sustainable design solution for a myriad of applications. They are at the heart of sustainable development.