Brussels, 25-26 November 2019

    ECCA members are invited to submit proposals for papers at the Autumn Congress to Eglantine Hauchard at eglantine.hauchard@prepaintedmetal.eu by august 15th. This year’s Congress will focus on how our industry is solving the challenges that are posed by future environmental legislation. The main themes of the Congress are:

    Developments in process technology including topics such as:

    o Developments in curing and abatement technologies to reduce solvent and VOC emissions.

    o New application technologies which can help reduce solvent emissions

    Improving process efficiency including topics such as:

    o Reducing the energy consumption of coil coating lines.

    o Improving the control and efficiency of paint application.

    o Monitoring of emissions from coil coating lines

    New biotechnologies for coil coatings including:

    o The use of sustainable technologies for paint formulation.

    o Elimination of solvents in coating technology.

    All proposed papers will be considered by the Technical Committee who will finalise the programme by the end of August.