Energy Efficient Metal Roofing


Energy-efficient metal roofing

Metal roofing has many advantages, but a major study conducted by the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development for ECCA has proven that houses with a metal roof can be more comfortable and use less energy than those with traditional heavy tiles.

The results of this study are summarised in a new ECCA Technical Paper, "Metal roofing for comfortable, energy-efficient housing" which shows the effects of location, insulation, thermal mass and heat reflection on the temperature of an upper-storey bedroom.

This study concludes that in much of Northern Europe, where high levels of insulation are used and high temperatures are not encountered for long periods, there is little effect of roof covering.  However, in Southern Europe, the use of metal roofing can significantly lower the night-time temperature of the bedroom, making more comfortable summer conditions and where air conditioning is used, reducing bills by up to 11%.

The ECCA Technical paper can be downloaded here, while the full report from OISD can be downloaded from the link to the right.