innovative products


Innovative products

Producers of prepainted metal and of the coatings which are used in this product are continually evolving what they offer.  In this respect, there are two main fields of innovation in prepainted metal products:

  1. Innovation in basic properties
  2. Additional functionality

Innovation in basic properties

The basic properties of prepainted metal coatings include:

  • To protect the metal substrate
  • To be durable against the effects of weathering
  • To be flexible for forming
  • To be hard and robust
  • To provide decorative appeal

There are naturally trade-offs between these factors and of course also against cost, but prepainted metal products are constantly evolving to remove these barriers and provide products which meet the ever-improving requirements of users.

The durability and protection of the latest coatings is shown by the length of performance expectations and even long guarantees for prepainted metal used in buildings.  Particularly in appliances, the improvements in flexibility and robustness is seen in the latest products.

Probably the most noticable of innovations is in appearance.  Metallic-effect colours are now common, while two-tone colours are also available.  Tinted clear-coats can give interesting metallic effects and high-gloss or high-matt finishes open up new possibilities for designers.

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Added functionality for prepainted metal

Recently, prepainted metal has become available with additional functionality included into the coating.  Some of the functions now available include:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Anti-dirt
  • Easy-clean
  • Non-stick
  • Heat-reflective

These added functions give added value in many applications, but the coatings of tomorrow may include even more such as self-healing coatings or the ability to capture the energy of the sun...

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