Test method videos


EN 13523 Test Methods

The following selection of videos help explain some of the most frequently used test methods developed specifically for prepainted metals under EN 13523.  The results of these test methods are often quoted in product specifications and the videos should provide an indication of what these results mean in practice.

The video clips are illustrative and are provided solely for the purpose of increasing general understanding of the various test methods.

Test methods covered are:

EN 13523-4 Pencil hardness

EN 13523-5 Resistance to rapid deformation

EN 13523-7 Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend test)

EN 13523-11 Resistance to solvents (rubbing test)

EN 13523-12 Resistance to scratching

EN 13523-16 Resistance to abrasion


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These video clips are not intended to be instructional in any way and ECCA accept no liability for any loss which may occur as a result of using the test methods as described.

All videos were produced by ECCA with kind co-operation from Beckers Industrial Coatings and AkzoNobel.