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Welcome to the ecca web pages that are specially focused on your needs and interests. The pages linked here provide you with a wealth of information regarding the many uses of prepainted metal in your profession.

We highlight application areas where prepainted metal’s key characteristics − high quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness − are particularly advantageous in the field of architecture. You’ll find the Product Advisor to be a valuable aid in finding the right prepainted metal for your application. Then, turn to the Members Directory to contact a supplier of your choice.

Prepainted metal is an ideal material for architects, because its qualities lend themselves to the beauty, creativity and environmental friendliness that you strive for in every project. Take a look at the real-life examples reported in the Case Studies.

*NEW* To see just how good prepainted metal is in buildings, have a look at the technical paper ecca have recently published on “Metal roofing for comfortable, energy-efficient housing”.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if ecca can be of further service to you!

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