Aesthetics and colours



Today, in nearly all industry sectors, colour is becoming an increasingly important aspect for decision makers - whether looking at a new toothbrush, a new laptop, a new car or a new building. This, of course, means that colour itself is becoming ever more significant.

Many different factors play roles in developing a colour strategy, including innovation, product design, target groups, branding, positioning, even product life cycle. In fact trends often first manifest themselves in products with quite short life-cycles, which explains why the construction industry has been one of the last to be looking to colour as a key element of a project.

Metallic effects have also proven attractive in the construction market and offer a special look for the architect who needs eye-catching appeal. So the Coil Coatings Industry, together with their customers, have developed each kind of colours and gloss levels, including bespoke metallic finishes in a variety of coating systems including plastisols, polyurethanes, polyesters along with the traditional PVDF.

Special ranges of pigments are used for coatings that appear to change colour, depending on the viewpoint of the observer. It is hard to see any limits in this development.

The psychology of colours

Colour psychology is all about how colour make people feel. Different colours stimulate different parts of the brain, so it is definitely worth taking colour into account when planning building architecture. The colour of roof and façade architecture has a major influence on the appeal of a building. Combined with the environment of the building, the functionality of the building and clearly the taste of the owner and the architect all kind of colours and combinations of colours are interesting.

Colourful architecture makes colourful and vivid life and work environments. Without claiming to be complete, it is interesting to notice humans association with colours.

 Red : Activity, invigoration, passion, optimism, heat

 Pink: Healing, soothing, brings equilibrium, youth

 Orange: Energy, uplifting, warmth, assurance

 Yellow: Happiness, growth, stimulating

 Green: Nature, calm, balance, security, life

 Blue: Reflection, relaxation, loyalty, calm

 Purple: Calming, joy, spirituality

 Brown: Neutral, natural, relaxing, security, stability

 Grey: Intelligence, modernity

 White: Clean, innocent, pure, peaceful

 Black: Elegance, sophistication, power

This overview is clearly very general. The possibilities with colours itself and combinations of colours, or even the combination of roof and façade colours with other aspects and materials used on the building gives virtually total freedom of design. Additionally has to be noted that above mentioned are only full single colours. Special design options that can be used are all kinds of metallics, mica colours and different kinds of textures incorporated in the paint that give all kinds of effects.