Advantages of a prepainted metal roof


Advantages of a coated metal roof

Prepainted metal roofs offer the following advantages:

  • Prepainted metal roofs can make buildings more comfortable and reduce energy used for air conditioning.  Read the ecca report “Metal roofing for comfortable, energy-efficient housing” 
  • Prepainted metal roofs are eye catchers, they have an impressive, elegant appearance and they brighten up your environment! 
  • Although the initial cost of metal roof systems may be higher than shingles, the cost/benefit ratio over the roof’s life is superior to shake, slate, or tiles. And, when the finish eventually deteriorates over many years, it is often possible to repaint metal roofing instead of replacing the panels.
  • A prepainted metal roofing system is virtually maintenance-free;
  • Prepainted metal roofs do not warp, split or crack;
  • A prepainted metal roof is impervious to mildew, rot, termites and pests;
  • Properly installed, prepainted metal roofing systems withstand all inclement weather better than any other roofing material;
  • Prepainted metal roofs easily shed snow and ice, avoiding damages during winter;
  • Prepainted Metal roofs do not absorb water whereas other materials that are causing cracking and rotting during the freeze-thaw cycles;
  •  In testing, prepainted metal roof systems have withstood winds up to 200 mph (= 300 km/h), and have historically survived hurricanes and wind storms when other roof materials have not;
  • Most prepainted metal roof systems carries fire ratings that can reduce a homeowner's overall insurance rates;
  • Its light weight often allows coated metal roofing to be installed over existing roofs top, providing significant savings of time and labour, and eliminating the problem of shingles installation.