Prepainted metal roof offer


Prepainted metal roof offer

For prepainted metal roofing systems, the materials most commonly used are prepainted steel and aluminium. These products are coated using the coil coating process and are made up of a series of layers, each with a particular function, applied to provide the functional and aesthetic performance required. They are manufactured under factory controlled conditions providing high quality, environmental friendly and cost effective products.

Paint systems for prepainted metal roofs

Coil Coating has been used all over the world for roofing applications for more than 40 years now. Paints are available in a wide range of colours and usually in different gloss levels. Systems can be defined for smooth and textured surfaces.

Usually the coating shows 2 layers: a primer and a topcoat, in different film thicknesses. Many factors like location, climate, colour, design can affect the overall life and will influence the choice of coating specification. Each supplier can provide a clear indication and recommendation for your particular situation.

Available paint technologies are:


Coatings based on polyester resins can be flexible, permitting them to withstand deformation processes, but can also be designed to be very hard and tough. They feature a balance of surface properties such as flexibility and scratch-resistance – while also being very economical. Polyesters can be used with smooth and textured surfaces.


In this paint system polyurethane or polyester resins are used and cross-linked with isocyanates. This cross-linking results in better resistance, adhesion and flexibility compared with polyester coatings. However, these benefits also entail higher materials costs. Same as Polyesters, Polyurethanes can be used with smooth and textured surfaces.


Coatings based on PVC dispersions are standard materials for steel wall and roof elements. With a film thickness of 150 to 200 mm, they are extremely tough and durable, offering very good corrosion protection even in aggressive industrial atmospheres. More recent developments with good UV resistance are very durable even in extreme weather conditions.


PVDF coatings, based on polyvinylidene fluoride resins, are absolutely ideal for long-term outdoor use. This happens thanks to their outstanding resistance to UV radiation and sunlight and their excellent deformability and corrosion resistance. PVDF coatings are mainly used on architecturally striking buildings.